Before subscription, please read key investor information (KIID) and fund regulations at
If you answered other than Finland on the previous question, please provide us your Taxpayer Identification Number in the country concerned.
The customer may approve sharing of information to another person or entity. It is not to be considered as proxy for dealing instructions.

The questions below are based on the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. We are obligated to collect the following information to fulfil our legal obligations.
Origin of assets used for subscription: *
Politically exposed person means a natural person who is or who has been entrusted during the last 12 months with prominent public functions including one the following:
  1. heads of State, heads of government, ministers and deputy or assistant ministers
  2. members of parliament
  3. members of the governing bodies of political parties
  4. members of supreme courts, of constitutional courts or of other high-level judicial bodies, the decisions of which are not subject to further appeal, except in exceptional circumstances
  5. members of courts of auditors or members of organ that inspects financial administration of state corresponding to State Auditor's Office
  6. members of the boards of central banks
  7. ambassadors or chargés d'affaires
  8. high-ranking officers in the armed forces
  9. members of the adminitrative, management or supervisory bodies of State-owned enterprises
  10. directors, deputy directors and members of the board or equivalent function of an international organisation
Politically exposed person’s family members include the following:
  1. the spouse, or a person considered to be equivalent to a spouse under the legislation of the country in question, of a politically exposed person
  2. the children and their spouses, or persons considered to be equivalent to a spouse, of a politically exposed person
  3. the parents of the politically exposed person
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