Agreement on transactions on the Web Service for Corporate Customers

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(hereinafter Customer) agree on the use of and transactions on the Web Service that is provided by the Insurance Company and that requires identification.
This Agreement applies to all use of and all transactions on the Web Service on all desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other terminals, approved at any given time by the Insurance Company.
The transactions covered by the Agreement on the Web Service are possible simultaneously on all of the terminals approved by the Insurance Company according to the authorisations granted by the Customer’s Master User, and the terminals cannot be restricted separately.
The Agreement shall enter into force once the Insurance Company has confirmed the person authorised by the Customer as the Master User of the Web Service. The confirmation shall be sent to the Master User by email.
The users of the Web Service can view and manage, in accordance with their rights, the Customer’s contracts on the Web Service. With this Agreement, the Customer authorises the person of its choice as the Master User of the Web Service.
The Master User has the right to add and remove users to and from the Web Service and to manage the rights of all of the users on the Web Service, and he/she acts as the contact person towards the Insurance Company in matters concerning the Web Service. The Master User has the right to view and modify all of the Customer’s contracts. The rights of other users may be restricted in this respect. The method of identi- fication applied to all users is personal bank credentials or, if possible for a specific application, the user ID given by the Insurance Company and the personal user ID and password created by the user. More detailed information about the Web Service can be found in the terms of use for the Online Service and Internet pages of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited and Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company.

Company/Entity information

Information concerning the Master User

Other terms and conditions

The Customer is solely responsible for all operations, assignments and service requests that have been carried out based on authorisations and user rights granted on the Web Service. The Insurance Company shall not be responsible for damage arising from errors in the user information provided by the Customer and the Master User. The Customer accepts that the Insurance Company is not liable for damage caused by unauthorised or illegal use of insurance savings by the Master User, other users or a third party or other transactions carried out via the Web Service.
The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that all users of the Web Service familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions and rules concerning the Web Service and commit to complying with them. The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that the Web Service is not used in breach of the terms and conditions of the Agreement, the rules governing the identification services of banks, the guidelines or recommendations of the Insurance Companies.
The Insurance Company shall register the Master User and the user specified by him/her with a personal identity code. The Customer shall be responsible for obtaining the consent of all users to disclose the user’s personal identity codes and other necessary information pertaining to the users to the Insurance Company.

Notification of changes

The Master User privileges shall be in force until the reception by the Insurance Company of the Customer’s written notice of the discontinuation of the privileges. Notifications concerning the discontinuation of the use of the Web Service and the designation of a new Master User must also be made in writing. All of the above-mentioned notifications require the Customer’s signature in accordance with the trade register.
The user privileges of the other users expire once the Master User has submitted a notification concerning the expiry of such user rights either in writing or through the Web Service using the address The removal of the Master User’s privileges does not remove the rights of the other users unless a specific request to that effect is submitted to the Insurance Company.


The signing rights are checked by the twoday Oy signature service, using online bank authentication and information listed in the Finnish Trade Register.

I confirm that I have familiarized myself with the terms and conditions of this agreement and the general conditions of use; I agree with their contents, and I agree to comply with them.

By signing this agreement electronically, I hereby assure that, in accordance with the Trade Register, I have the right to sign as a representative acting on behalf of the Customer.

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