Change of usage limit

Details of company

e.g. +358 501234567

Change of usage limit

€ / month.
The usage limit refers to the maximum purchase amount, specific to customer number, per calendar month. Your company's monthly usage limit is shown on your invoice. Our credit control team will process the usage limit change requests. Raising the customer's usage limit always includes a credit check.


Before you proceed to signing the application, you can check it using the “Preview” button.

Add the email address of the signatory, and press “Continue”. The instructions show how to sign the form. Please note that the authentication phase requires the use of either a personal bank ID or mobile certificate.

If the authority to sign is divided to multiple people in your company, first enter the email address of one of your company's signatories. The confirmation email that this person receives can then be forwarded to the next signatory. The other person in your company with authority to sign can access the form by clicking on the link in the forwarded confirmation message.

If you have a power of attorney, you can attach it to the application at the signing stage.

If you do not have authority to sign, enter the email address of your company's signatory in the field.

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