Updated 11.08.2022


Cookies are being used on this web site. This page contains description how cookies work, what tools are we using, and how your privacy is protected.

With necessary cookies we ensure the reliable, safe operation of our websites and services as well as secure transactions and prevent misuse. For example, they allow you to identify and log in to the service and track the user session. You can disable the use of necessary cookies only in your browser settings.

Necessary cookies are being used to track user identification transactions, identify the session of the user and direct traffic to correct servers. We do not disclose this data outside.

Disabling cookies

You may erase the cookie history from your browser’s settings to remove all previous cookies saved by the browser. Erasing cookie history does not prevent the formation of new cookie data.

You may disable necessary cookies in web browser setting. If necessary cookies have been disabled, the service cannot be used.

How cookies work?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your device’s browser. They show us the type of device with which you are using the service and whether you have visited our website earlier.

What tools are we using and how long is the data retained?

We use both session and persistent cookies. Tools can set several cookies with different retention times. We indicate the maximum cookie retention time for each tool.

Session cookies exist only during a single session, or visit. They are deleted automatically when you close the browser. With session cookies, you can move from one page to another, log into the service and use different types of calculators and on-line forms, for instance.

Persistent cookies remain on your browser or device for a fixed period, also after the session, unless you delete them from the browser settings. We use persistent cookies to improve the user experience. With persistent cookies, the website identifies your device when you visit the website again.

Tool list:
Tool Maximum retention period
Signom Identification Service 2 months

Your privacy is important to us

The data collected using cookies and different tools are owned by the data controllers. Signom acts as processors of the data, and does not use the data for their own purposes.